About Skyline Consulting

Just a dude, buying car washes

Who We Are

Skyline Consulting was founded by Dave Rodenbaugh in 1993. Dave is an entrepreneur with over 3 decades of experiences in all types of businesses (online, ecommerce, consulting, services, and more).

Our Process

We’ll immediately review and sign an NDA with you so we can see you financial data (P&L) from the last two years. We’ll provide a financial statement of our own so you know we’re serious. If the deal works in our range, we’ll submit an LOI to you within a few days and begin due diligence. We’ll close as fast as the bank lets us, usually within 60-90 days. Either way, we’ll let you know in short order if your car wash is a good fit–no wasting your time.

What We Look For

Do you have a self-serve car wash in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado? Hey, let’s talk! No BS. If your car wash is the right fit, we’ll make a fair offer and get the deal done.

The Ideal Deal

We are most interested in self-service car washes. 5-8 bays in size, if they have an IBA that’s even better, but we’re flexible. Smaller sites may work too (e.g. 4 bay with 2 IBAs) depending on your situation. Deal sizes that we’re looking at may range from high 6-figures to low 7-figures, depending on your cashflow, cap rate, and overall site features.

Real People. real results.

Meet Skyline Consulting

Dave Rodenbaugh, President of Skyline Consulting

Dave Rodenbaugh

Founder & President


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